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Love the skin you’re in with Colorado Springs waxing.

Let us help you feel the confidence you may be lacking from unwanted hair. We are always waxing Colorado Springs with love. Contact us to lift your spirits with our waxing services.

Waxing Colorado Springs

Thank you for considering our waxing studio for your unwanted hair problems. We love waxing Colorado Springs with meticulous care. You will be able to love the way your skin looks and feels after you visit us.

Shaving takes time that is better spent doing something else. Using a razor can be painful and cause irritation. Stop wasting your valuable time trying to get rid of unwanted hair.

We are your number 1 solution for smooth and hair free skin. Our waxing studio can get rid of your hair with safe and effective products. We use techniques that will help you have a pleasant experience.

Our studio has reasonable waxing prices for all of our services.

colorado springs waxing for hair removal

Waxing hair removal services include:

  • Full Body Wax
  • Waxing for Men
  • Brazilian Wax
  • Bikini Wax
  • Underarm Wax
  • Face Wax
  • Sugar Wax

Love yourself even more when you feel your smooth and hairless skin. Feel confident in anything you are wearing without visible hair getting in the way.

About Waxing Colorado Springs CO

We are the premiere Colorado Springs waxing studio. Our salon is locally owned to stay connected with the community. We are passionate about staying close to the people in our city and surrounding areas.

Our salon is centered around quality. From our customer services to our waxing execution, you will receive the best experience you can get. We will never settle to give you anything less than great.

We value you. Each of our clients become like friends and family. We love each person that walks through our doors. Our studio prides itself in staying close with the clients who visit our salon.

It is our goal to stay educated. We are fierce with our love for training and education. Each esthetician in our salon cares about continual learning. We pass our knowledge on to you with our waxing techniques.

Our mission is to stay connected to the community. It is important that we continue waxing Colorado Springs with a locally owned and operated location.

We are the best company for all waxing services because we will gently remove your hair. Your experience with us will be a dream.

Our estheticians want to take care of you. We enjoy building the confidence of each person that lets us transform their skin.

Why Choose Us?

Our clients choose us over competing companies because of our waxing results. We wax with techniques that are not duplicated by others in Colorado Springs.

We are knowledgeable on products and materials that work best on all skin types. Our estheticians have experience dealing with a variety of skin and hair types. This helps them customise your service to best serve you.

We find it important that:

  • We cultivate a community of people who enjoy the services we offer. Our studio welcomes both men and women to take advantage of what we provide. There is a waxing service for anyone at our studio.
  • Our standards continue to stay high. We continue to provide elite quality services every time we see you. Our waxing materials cannot be purchased by just anyone. We have searched for the best products that we could get our hands on.
  • You feel as calm as you can during your waxing experience. We want your nerves to disappear when you step foot in our salon. You will enjoy the break you will have from your crazy schedule. Our waxing studio is a calming atmosphere that will set your mood for the appointment.

We have been waxing Colorado Springs for many years. Our studio services surrounding cities as well.

Contact us as soon as you can to book an appointment and love the skin you're in.

What To Expect

You can expect to have a waxing appointment that is the highest quality in the city. Our products are professional grade and safe. You will not experience burning during your service.

Our clients choose us for our techniques. We provide waxing services that cause less pain than competing waxing studios.

How to prepare yourself for your appointment:

  • Make sure you have grown out your hair for a few weeks. If your hair is too long, trim it before you come in.
  • Exfoliate the day before your appointment to prep your skin.
  • Moisturise your skin the day of your appointment. This will help you tolerate the waxing appointment better.
  • Come to your appointment with clean skin. Avoid exercising or sweaty activities before you come in.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing to feel comfortable after your appointment.

What to expect for your appointment:

  • You will start your appointment with a consultation. We make sure we understand your needs and desires.
  • We will ask you to undress and cover up with coverings that we provide. We will step out while you undress and get comfortable.
  • You will be asked to lay back to make the waxing service easier.
  • Your esthetician will prep and clean your skin before starting the service.
  • The waxing treatment will be quick and efficient.
  • A cream that helps calm the skin will be applied after waxing.
  • You will be advised to book future appointments for consistent waxing appointments.

Schedule an appointment with our salon to get your unwanted hair waxed!

Waxing Services

Our waxing menu is filled with services that will benefit every skin and hair type. We know how to cater to you and give you a customized waxing experience. You won’t be able to find a better place for wax treatments. Each service will remove your hair with care and ease.

colorado springs body wax

Full Body Waxing

You will feel sexy and fresh when you leave our salon without hair all over your body. You will be able to confidently wear whatever clothing you would like after this service. We wax all areas that you need waxed in 1 appointment. This treatment takes some time, but we do it with efficiency. It is the most time saving full body wax Colorado Springs has seen.

colorado springs male waxing

Male Waxing

Skip out on a coarse 5 o’clock shadow and wax your skin for smoothness. Shaving does not give you lasting results like waxing can. We will give you a youthful glow with our male waxing service. This waxing treatment exfoliates the skin on your face by removing the dead skin cells. You won't find better mens waxing Colorado Springs.

colorado springs brazilian waxing

Brazilian Waxing

Kiss razor burn goodbye with waxing services that will smooth your skin for weeks. Our brazilian waxing treatment will reduce the thickness of your hair. You will experience less irritation with waxing that is long lasting. We will provide this service with gentle care. Our meticulous techniques will give you the best Brazilian wax Colorado Springs offers to you.

colorado springs bikini waxing

Bikini Waxing

Let us wax your bikini line so you don’t have to worry about it for weeks. You will feel confident about wearing your swimsuit at any point. We use gentle wax that is safe around the bikini area. Our waxing studio will help you achieve smooth skin without any rashes or irritation.

colorado springs underarm or armpit waxing

Underarm Waxing

Experience the convenience of our underarm waxing service. You can lighten the appearance of the skin under your arm. Waxing will remove dead skin cells and hair and give you smooth underarms. Without excess hair, you will feel cleaner. Our underarm waxing service will help with your personal hygiene.

colorado springs facial waxing

Facial Waxing

Our facial waxing service is great for giving you even looking skin. Your makeup will glide on better and look airbrushed. You will experience minimal regrowth the more you wax your face. We can expertly shape your eyebrows and smooth out your upper lip. You won’t find a better facial waxing treatment around.

colorado springs sugar waxing

Sugar Waxing

Sugar Waxing is the safest service that you can find. Our sugar wax is all natural and gentle. With just 3 ingredients, your skin feels smooth in no time. We mix lemon, sugar, and water to create a wax that gently removes unwanted hair. If regular wax products don’t mesh with your skin, you should give sugar waxing a try. Experience the most natural sugar wax Colorado Springs provides the community.

About Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs peaks at over a mile above sea level around 6,000 feet. The city sits near the base of Pikes Peak which can reach a height of 14,100 feet.

Colorado Springs has a population of just under 500,000 residents making it the 39th most populous city in the United States. In the early 18th century Colorado Springs was originally part of the Kansas Territory. At the turn of the 19th century the settlement was founded under the Louisiana Purchase.

The New York Times labeled Colorado Springs #13 on the 52 places to go in America. It also landed in the top 10 of Trending Destinations on TripAdvisor. Colorado Springs is home to the world renown Garden of The Gods Visitor and Nature Center.

There is something to do for every type of person. Between the rock climbing, hiking, and guided nature walks it is easy to fill your week with activities.

Some of the nearby cities include:

  • Fountain, CO
  • Fort Carson, CO
  • Woodland Park, CO
  • Palmer Lake, CO
  • Calhan, CO
  • Ellicott, CO
  • Eastonville, CO
  • Peyton, CO
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does bikini waxing near me cost?

Call our waxing studio to get details for our bikini waxing services.

Does it hurt to get an eyebrow wax?

You may experience slight pain your first time, but the pain lessens each time.

Are there eyebrow waxers near me?

Our waxing studio provides the best eyebrow waxing Colorado Springs has provided to the community.

Are there any waxing places near me that have licensed professionals?

We require all of our estheticians to be licensed with the state of Colorado.

How much does a vagina wax cost?

Call us today for servicing pricing.

Is lip waxing included in the facial waxing service?

We offer lip waxing with our face waxing treatments.

Do you provide brazilian wax for men and women?

We offer the best male brazilian waxing Colorado Springs CO provides to the area. Our female brazilian waxing cannot be duplicated in any other salon.

Is waxing bikini areas safe for your skin?

Our wax is gentle and safe around the bikini area. We have the best bikini wax Colorado Springs CO offers to the area.

Is your studio the best place compared to waxing salons near me?

We are highly rated in the Colorado Springs community. We are the leaders in the waxing industry.

Can I get a face wax near me?

We provide facial waxing that is high quality.

Client Testimonials

Of all the salons I have been to, this place is by far the best! They really know what they are doing and do not cut corners anywhere. If you are looking for high quality waxing services then this is the place for you!

Margaret Williams

Every time I call to make an appointment I immediately get an answer, I never have to leave a message or call back later. They were really good about squeezing me in and working with my schedules.

Angela Worthen

There are many salons in the area with pretty similar pricing. Waxing Colorado Springs offered a deal so I decided to try them out and I am glad I did! All of their services are very affordable and they are all professional.

Francine B.

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We are the salon that has been waxing Colorado Springs with precision. We provide the solution you need for all of your unwanted hair problems.

Get rid of time wasting razors. Do yourself a favor and get smooth and silky skin. You will love your hairless new look you experience. You will feel fresh and new.

Our top of the line techniques will leave your skin looking better than ever. We will help you feel confident with your new look.

Contact our waxing studio to make an appointment as soon as possible. You will be glad that you called our salon.

Waxing Colorado Springs

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